Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fountain

Nietzsche has said that every notable philosophical system is a compressed spiritual autobiography. Every philosopher is a heretic. He is a restless, questioning, critical person whose need to satisfy himself turns out stronger than his desire to continue to a respected, conforming member of his own people...the philosopher who cannot help but pursue his own quest for personal intellectual satisfaction at any cost I the most religious person of all. I was always a philosophical theologian.
The Fountain by Don Cupitt (2010)
Don gives me signposts along the way that I am travelling on, as I work out my understanding of life, the Other and what really matters. Even though I know my bible, systematic theology, trained and taught these and still do, I have never been comfortable with the term theologian. But I like the label (if indeed I need one) of philosophical theologian. I like the fact that I am not alone in seeking a faith expression that has integrity. How does education fit into this and my commitment to human flourishing?

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