Thursday, May 27, 2010

Barque: Thomas Moore's Work: Give up thought patterns for heaven on earth

Barque: Thomas Moore's Work: Give up thought patterns for heaven on earth

Tony Campolo
The main bit is at 2:10 to 2:46 in the clip.....listen carefully

I can not deny how I got it wrong so many times when the priorty was not Matthew 25 but rather my own self righteous judgement (insecurities). The priority is love in action...and to that end I strive.

I have met too many people hurt, rejected, struggling and broken who do not fit the stereo-type the conservative church would have you believe but people with tears in their eyes shattered by the words spoken in judgement. I heard a good friend say once, 'God aint gonna judge you for being too kind and compassionate...rather for not being enough'

Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christianity

'I am a Christian who no longer believes in Christianity'

This is an extremely provocative statement that Brian is making but I agree and understand what he is saying. For quite some time now I have been in conflict due to my own personal experience of God compared to my experience of institutional church. The two seems poles apart. What I have experienced is cold judgement, arrogance, elitism and many other negative gospel-denying characteristics. Too many, too many times to keep ignoring and excusing.

In fact, I would possible even take it another step further and not even label myself Christian anymore because when that label was given to believers in Antioch it was defining a completely different person compared to today what is understood by Christian.

Many may find security in the label, finding the label acting as a pillar which if removed will jeopardise the remaining structure. In my journey 'away from here' I have found that vulnerability extremely uncomfortable and exposing but as I begin to slowly identify new arrival points, the vulnerability has been worth it. See my next post as to some of those arrival points. Thank you for listening.