Saturday, November 15, 2008


Exert from new book:
I like to think that one day out side time and space (I know, that is a paradox!) there existed (another paradox because to exist assumes time) this ‘being’ called Love. This Love was not some ungraspable phenomenon like the wind but had a personality and other personable qualities and in its nature being love, seeking to love, Love decided to create a life that would be able to share in this life force of love but also be objects of love, experiencing and being loved by Love. However, understanding the complexities of this mystery love (and truly who today still understands love), Love gave Love a name…God and so we have: God is Love.

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Chris said...

mmm, good one! While I was reading that I was thinking... "who created the name God"... the Spirit of "God" did... its merely a name for our minds for to wrap an identity around.
Only problem is, is that we have let ourselves wrap many incorrect layers around "God", and we seem to have suffocated the real thing.