Monday, June 25, 2007

Authentic and real

While many Christian leaders are constantly working out their faiths (and their theologies, their politics and their personal ministries) with fear and trembling in private, very few feel free to do so out in the open, where all kinds of other people can watch us wrestle with our ideas. So then, when somebody like me puts his immediate, unpolished stuff out there for all the world to see, well, it is bound to make at least some people awfully uncomfortable, and others downright angry. An extract from Bart Campolo (

Why do we so arrogantly claim to know that which will cause others to stumble in hurt and disappointment? I have too many times deeply hurt others because I thought I knew better. I did not and as time revealed the rust and rot that gathered on my views of ignorance and pride, friendships and relationships, people with hearts and emotions lay poisons from the scars of my blows.

I salute you for being willing to risk and explore, ventured by love and festered by compassion. Not surrendering to the naive action of surrounding yourself only with and by that which agrees and gives security, I salute your bravery to vulnerability as you in broken love seep the wounds of broken dreams and promises.

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